Mission Statement

Football Jobs Overseas provides dependable, specialized service for aspiring and established professional football players and coaches looking to take their career overseas. Our objective is to help others travel the world playing the game they love, by providing them with the profile support and helpful advice on taking their career overseas. Given the variety of opportunities around the world and the sometimes drastic differences within the game from country-to-country, we do our best to educate our members and prepare them for their overseas football adventure so they can best represent themselves and the game of football. 

In addition to helping players and coaches, it is also our objective to simplify the import recruitment process for organizations around the globe. Through informative profiles, recommendations, and educating our members, clubs should find the enormous task of finding high level imports with the character to match much less daunting.

Meet the team

Aaron Mitchell (“Coach A”) originally came to Europe in 1992 as an import basketball player to Austria, one year after getting the call up to the NBA with the Portland Trailblazers. Aaron has remained in Europe ever since after meeting his now wife of 22 years.

Aaron bounced around Europe and the middle east as a player until 2007 when he retired to focus on his basketball coaching career while doubling as a football coach in the offseason. “Coach A ” has continued to coach basketball around Europe and in the middle east, with the majority of his international coaching career being in Austria. He has now settled in Salzburg, Austria where founded the Salzburg Ducks football team and remains today as the offensive coordinator and head coach for the U18 team as well as an assistant coach for the men’s team. In 2019 Aaron stepped down as the coach of the BBU Salzburg men’s basketball team, which has enabled him to focus on Football Jobs Overseas.

Aaron has been mentoring young basketball and football player for years, helping American players take their career to Europe and European players advance their career to the U.S. Aaron utilizes his years of experience both as an import player to Europe and as a coach who has imported players to Europe, to advise young athletes looking to take their career to Europe. His understanding of the process and the important steps involved in the import-club agreement are major assets that he brings to the Football Jobs Overseas staff.

David Burns (right), originally came to Europe in 1999 as an import baseball player, and returned permanently in 2004. He has been living in Austria ever since and launched BaseballJobsOverseas.com in late 2012. The website has grown into the premier service for baseball players and coaches looking to take their career overseas, with over 1250 contracts signed by members as of the fall of 2019. There are many parallels between football and baseball overseas in which David can provide expertise, such as advice on visas, insurance, and contract negotiations.

For “Coach A”, aligning with Baseball Jobs Overseas founder David Burns to form Football Jobs Overseas was a natural fit. As like-minded people who are heavily involved with young athletes in Austria and around the globe, the pair became friends after meeting at basketball functions in Austria.

With Aaron’s experience on both sides of the importing process in Europe, combined with David and his teams’ experience marketing and advising hundreds of players on an annual basis, members of Football Jobs Overseas will have all the guidance one can ask for in soliciting, comparing and negotiating offers.